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Newborn Baby Photographer's Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place in my home studio which is specifically designed to ensure a smooth running and comfortable session.

What if we need to cancel?

Please let me know as early as you can. If there is a genuine reason for not being able to attend, such as the baby being unwell, I will do my best to book a new date for your session, however, all booking fees are non-refundable except in very exceptional circumstances.

Can I see product prices before I book?

I would never want anyone to feel they had been misled into booking and therefore I am very honest about what investment you should expect for your heirloom art products and digital images beyond the session fee. Please see the investment page for more details.

How long after the session will I see my images?

Your images will be edited and prepared for your viewing within 2-3 weeks, often sooner. Each newborn gallery takes 10 hours or more of editing which is all part of the creative process. We will set a date for your viewing and ordering appointment at your newborn session. Any products ordered will be designed at the appointment, saving you time and effort. Full payment is also required at the time of the appointment and I therefore request that all decision makers attend; I endeavour to be as flexible as possible to allow this.

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Newborn Sessions:


When should your session take place?

The ideal time for your newborn session is in the first few weeks of your baby's life. During this time they have still not adjusted to life outside the womb and are therefore able to be posed in those cute, curled up poses that is characteristic of newborn photography. Between 5-10 days is the ideal time.

When should you book your session?

You should book your newborn session as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Sessions get booked up quickly as I try to leave extra time in the diary to juggle sessions when baby is early or late. I advise you contact me after your 20 week scan. However, even if your baby has already arrived, do not hesitate to make an enquiry as there may be availability due to moving sessions when baby is late or early.

What if the baby is early/late?

When you book your session I will book in a slot approximately one week after your due date. As soon as baby is born I ask you to let me know in order to confirm or rearrange your appointment if necessary.

How do we prepare for the session?

I recommend that you plan to feed your baby when you arrive. Please dress your baby in a front opening babygro with no vest. I will ask that you undress baby, loosen their nappy and wrap them in a soft blanket (provided) just before you feed them. This should help them remain nice and settled for the session.

How long is the session?

The session can take up to 4 hours depending on baby. I allow plenty of time for feeding, burping and changing so you don't feel rushed. I only book one session a day so there is no pressure on you or the baby. I encourage parents to relax with a hot drink and a snack, feel free to take a nap, you won't be the first!

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Can we include siblings/parents?

I would love to include all your children in the shoot, images of older children with their new baby brother or sister (or both if you're super lucky!) are often our clients favourites. I do ask that younger siblings especially are taken off after having their photos done as they get bored very easily, I usually take family and sibling shots first. I also encourage parents to have photos with the new baby as well as family shots. I do understand mummy's especially may not feel the most glamorous at the time of the session, however, your baby will only be that tiny for a very short while. Through posing and lighting I can overcome any concerns you may have and create some beautiful portraits of your family.These images will soon become very precious and I wouldn't want you to miss out on that.

What do we wear?

I recommend that you dress comfortably and in layers that you can peel off as the studio will be very warm. Babies enjoy temperatures of 38 degrees celsius in the womb, so that I can replicate this and have your baby nice and sleepy, I turn the temperature up. If you wish to be included in the images I suggest something plain, with neutral colours and no distracting logos.

Do I need to bring props?

The session includes full use of the props at the studio and the artists creativity in designing set ups for your images. I generally get the poses on the beanbag done first and move onto 1-2 props but only if the baby is sleepy enough for it to be safe. All the props are on display for you to see and please let me know if you have seen any images of my props that you would really like to use. You are most welcome to bring anything that has significant meaning to you and I will endeavour to incorporate that into your session.

What if the photographer is ill?

Newborn baby photographers should never put your babies health at risk therefore if I am unwell we will reschedule your session as soon as we can. I always advise being cautious as newborn's immune systems are so vulnerable.

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